QuickBooks lets the users edit or void the payroll checks at any moment in time until the checks are transacted. Sometimes, you have to edit or cancel the issued QuickBooks payroll checks due to some reasons such as wrong details or other things that may affect your payroll reports.

But before you start the process of editing or voiding a payroll check in QuickBooks, you need to consider the following things. You should not follow the process if you have:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Sent the paychecks to the Payroll Service

Edit or delete Paychecks in QuickBooks Online

It is necessary to stay careful while you cancel or edit payroll checks in QuickBooks. A small ignorance can lead to so many issues in your payroll reports. Here, we have pointed out some important steps to help you learn how to enter a manual payroll check in QuickBooks whenever you require. But don’t forget to back up your company data files as there is a chance to get some files damaged in case of any inappropriate technical steps.

Find Out the Paycheck:

If you know the employee’s name, then go to the Employee menu and click on it to open up the drop-down menu—choose Employee Center. Afterwards, find out the employee name in the given list and click QuickReport in the Reports for This Employee section.

It will open up all the payroll transactions for your employees. You can now select the one that you have to edit or cancel.

In case if you don’t know the employee name, you need to go through: Reports>Employee and Payroll>Payroll Transaction by Payee. It displays all the paycheck transactions for your employees. You can select a particular one using the filter tool. You can also use these steps for QuickBooks payroll check printing if you need a copy of your employees’ paycheck.

This is the foremost step that you need to implement before you either edit or cancel paychecks. In addition to the technical steps on how to void and reissue a payroll check in QuickBooks, you need to locate the very particular payroll checks in your QuickBooks.

Steps to edit paychecks:

  • Find and open up the paycheck
  • In the paycheck window, click on Paycheck Details and change the details whatever you have to—it allows you to change the check number, check the date, bank account, or employee’s address
  • Now click OK and save the changes.

Edit Incorrect Payroll item Used on Paychecks

Steps to delete or void the paychecks:

  • Find out the paychecks in the list using filter
  • It would pop up the bank accounts
  • Choose the check and double click on the selected checks
  • Choose Edit in the given option and select Delete Check or Void Checks

Above all, there are some conditions when QuickBooks would never allow you to edit or void the paychecks. You should avoid applying the steps mentioned above in the following conditions:

  • If you have used Direct Deposit
  • You have sent the paychecks through e-pay

So, these are some important points that you can use to edit or cancel paychecks in QuickBooks. For more details on how to void a payroll check in QuickBooks, you may contact our experienced ProAdvisors through a toll-free QuickBooks Payroll support phone number.

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